The restoration of an orphan...

I Purchased this Herald in September 2012 from the grandson of the original owner. It has been sitting, mostly unused, but garaged, for the past 25 years. It was driven about 29,000 miles.

The car had little rust on the body, but from sitting so long all the rubber bits have perished and the frame was rusty. To save it a total off-frame restoration was necessary.

I like the idea of preserving cars that are rare and rarely see. Now another forgotten little British car lives again. It has been an experience doing this restoration and I have had to learn to keep calm and carry on when mistakes were made; when the wrong parts are ordered or sent; the long wait for some parts; loss of parts; and my many assembly mistakes. It was my first and last restoration.

It appears that the color was original; (but repainted) the interior is mostly original, but I had to replace the carpet.

Since the interior is impossible to duplicate, I had it restored instead of replaced. A new hood (converitble top) was installed at the end of the project.

British Motor Industry Heritage Trust Documents

After hearing from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust it was confirmed that the car was built April 2, 1960. Convertibles were not built until March 1960 making this car one of the first built.

General Data
Technical Data


vin: Y7624LCV
body: RC175
engine: Y8585HE


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Images of the car before Restoration

Selected before and after images

Interior of Herald removed from car

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According the the Triumph car club site, there less than 50 examples of this car known to exist. This model was designed by Giovanni Michelotti who worked on a number of 60's and 70's European cars.

This car was the 175th convertible to be produced and acccording Herald experts, Andrew Mace and Tom Herald it is tbe the second oldest Herald convertible known to still exist.

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To see 22 images of the finished car including the engine, Click Here!
This car featured in a Wall Street Journal Article

The finished car

A great job was done fitting the top at The Last Detail in North Chicago.

The car in 1960.
They were the original owners.

Richad Symth watercolor
A watercolor done by Richard Smyth ( at a Fuel Fed car show.
He learned to drive in the UK using a Herald.

The restoration, back in Dec 2012