Our 1950 Morris Minor Tourer

In 2011we purchased one of Britain's most successful automobiles. Production of over 1.6 million vehicles was achieved from 1948 to 1971. This vehicle is the earliest model the "Series Morris Minor Export Model." The car was widened 4" at the last moment before production after the bumpers had been produced. To keep costs down, the bumpers were cut in half and a fillet was placed in the open space. This process continued until the end of 1950 when the original supply of bumpers was exhausted.

While tens of thousands of these cars were built, there are few left today. There are approximately a dozen known 1950 left-hand drive tourers in the world.

Before we owned our Morris, it was lovingly restored to exacting original standards by Bill and Margaret LeMaster of Oregon who owned the car for 54 years. Before that it was owned by Margaret's father. It has the original 918cc side valve engine. All the numbers match and the production number is 59,990. The car was built on August 15, 1950 and was exported to the United States, It has a rare factory installed heater.

Since purchasing the car we have replaced the tires with new radials, rebuilt the brakes, installed a period looking battery, battery cables, speedo cable, fixed a gas leak in the engine compartment, installed a new gas tank with sending unit, had the petrol gauge rebuilt and added seat belts. The starter and pinion gear have been rebuilt. The worn out ring gear has been replaced. While we were at it, we replaced the clutch assembly. New gaskets were ordered and installed. We do not believe there are many of this year left that have not been modified. If anyone wants to know,