1948 Hillman Minx MK 2
A Rootes Group car. Glossy black paint with red leather interior.
This car was first sold to a couple in Switzerland. Later it was imported to California.
Fewer than ten are known to exist in the US.
48 Hillman
48 Hillman.jpg
Data Plate
Data Plate.jpg
Swiss Plate
Swiss Plate.jpg
New Tires
New Tires.jpg
leather interior
leather interior.jpg
New Top
New Top.jpg
speedo in klm
speedo in klm.jpg
California car
California car.jpg
Great leather
Great leather.JPG
Turn signals on wheel
Turn signals on wheel.JPG
39 HP
engine bay
engine bay.JPG
new carpet
new carpet.jpg
clear rear window
clear rear window.jpg